Monday, May 08, 2006

My new friend, Ernie!

Good Monday, WoodyWatchers! Hope you are having a super day! Mom, Dad, Chloe, and I are loading the Woody Bus to travel to DeWitt Elementary in Knox County. We are looking forward to meeting our new friends!

One of the things I packed first for the trip was Ernie. Ernie and I have been having a great time together. He is a gift from Mrs. Frye and her students at Pembroke Elementary in Christian County. When we were in their class a few months ago, I could hardly concentrate because they had an Ernie in their room. I kept wanting to play with him. Well, just last week I received a package in the mail and guess what it was? You got it! It was letters from Mrs. Frye's students and Ernie. I love carrying him around with me, and tucking him in every night to sleep with me. He has always been my very favorite from Sesame Street! Hugs and kisses to Mrs. Frye and her students for giving me Ernie!

I think I hear Mommy calling me, so I better say "so long for now!" Have a great day. Be sure to check the site in a few days so I can tell you all about DeWitt!

Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!