Sunday, August 31, 2008


Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! What about those Wildcats??? You should have heard our doghouse today! Chloe and Frannie had their blue and white pom-poms barking out all kind of cheers! I was howling, "RUN, THROW, CATCH, BLOCK..." Dad was biting his fingernails and Mom was clapping and squealing! It was an exciting win for my favorite team!

In case you aren't a CAT fan, let me fill you in. The Kentucky Wildcats played arch rival Louisville Cardinals today. Today was the 21st time the CATS and Cards played each other in football. It was the 15th time they played for the Governor's Cup title. If my facts are correct, the CATS have won 12 of the 21 games while the Cards have won 9.

Even though we love the CATS, we also like Hunter Cantwell, the quarterback for the Cards. We don't know Hunter, but he is a Paducah boy like me, so that makes him A-OK!

I am still hoping to play football for the CATS one day. Here is a photo of Joker Phillips and me. Coach Phillips is the offensive coordinator. That means he helps us score touchdowns! We love scoring touchdowns!

I better go. My bark is hoarse from all the cheering! I will be having sweet blue dreams tonight!

GO CATS! And Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!