Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Week in the Life of the Wiener Dogs

Good Sunday Evening, WoodyWatchers! Please forgive me for not writing sooner. Our Scooby calendar has been absolutely packed! In fact, this is the first time I have had to sit down and catch up with you! It was such a busy week, but as usual, an awesome week! I will try to quickly share the highlights.

We kicked off our week at T.C. Cherry Elementary in Bowling Green, KY. We were welcomed with opened arms. T.C. Cherry must love wiener dogs because they even had one painted on the wall that looked just like Chloe! Ms. Whitson, the principal, was the nicest lady. You can see from the second photo that we became great friends!

We left Bowling Green and headed to Lexington to visit our friends at Millcreek in Lexington. We had visited Millcreek in August, but we had such a fantastic time they invited us back! Chloe and I were thrilled to see all our friends again.

On Friday, Chloe and I had to put on our television smiles. We were asked to be on the noon show with Mr. Bill and Ms. Barbara. We love the two of them. In fact, Chloe tried to kiss Ms. Barbara the entire interview! We were on the news to promote the Joseph Beth Booksellers Spring Bookfair. The Bookfair was on Saturday and it was a perfect day! Joseph Beth is a favorite bookstore of ours. We love being with them. Our day was so busy that there was no time for photos. If you are reading this and took a photo of us at the Bookfair, email it to me at and I will put in on our online doghouse!

While we were driving to Lexington on Saturday morning, Dad pulled the Woody Bus over on the side of the road and told Chloe and me to look out the window. We saw the most beautiful hot air balloon. There were lots of balloons in the air. Mom said we will be seeing them since it is Derby time here in the Bluegrass. We love this time of year! The Kentucky Derby and all the events surrounding it makes me proud to be a Kentucky Wiener Dog!

I better go. Bedtime is coming up, but before we go to bed Mom has promised us one more walk and snack! Have a great week! I won't be so long in writing again - promise!!!

Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!