Monday, October 17, 2011

Chapter 4

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! Hope you're enjoying this sunny day! The weather man says we will turn from hot dogs to chilly dogs tonight. Chloe and I have to find our sweaters for our morning walk! Our good friends from WOODYford County just sent us an email about Chapter 4. Here is the email from Mrs. Hisle's Class:

Dear Woody,

Here are some things we think you could have done at your job interview to make a good impression. First, it probably would have helped if you were quieter in the library. We understand though - sometimes it's hard to be quiet! We also think that using best manners makes a good impression. For example, you should say "Yes, ma'am, no ma'am, and no thank you". Finally, we think if you assure the librarian that you will work hard, that will make a good impression.

We wanted to let you know that we have saved around $26 for the Woody-ford County Humane Society. We're going to keep saving money during all the weeks that we read your story. We'll let you know how much we end up saving.

By the way, you won't hear from us next week because we have a week long fall break. Here are some things that kids in our class are going to be doing over the break: hunting, playing video games, GO THE Woody-ford LIBRARY, visiting grandparents, watching tv (but not too much), staying up late, visiting an aunt and family in Ohio, going on a cruise in Florida, visiting cousins, riding four-wheelers with cousins, sleeping in, staying with grandma, watching movies, and playing on the computer, watching scary movies, going to New York to visit grandpa, and we're going to be reading A LOT!

Thank you so much for putting our emails on your blog. We love reading them there!

We'll talk to you soon!

Mrs. Hisle's 3rd grade reading class

P.S. We have a George in our class and he likes Curious George books!

Megan Hisle
3rd grade teacher
Simmons Elementary

Great job on the money! That's terRUFFic! Tell George that he has great taste in books!

Here's an email from Ms. Logan's class:

Hello Woody!

We just finished chapter 4 and we are very excited that you got a job! We thought of ways you could have made a good impression for the job interview. First, we think you should keep in mind what the library rules are. When you go there, yelling is not okay and you should not do this if you want a job at the library. Second, you should tell why you would be perfect for the job. Third, we think you should mention that you love books since it is a job at the library.

Although our prediction about the job being a drummer for a band was incorrect, some students in our class had the prediciton that the job would have something to do with the library!!

We think you and Chloe will have a good time working on the Brother Against Brother room and will also learn a lot about the Civil War. We are so worried about your getting to keep the job since Mrs. Grant said she has a problem with hiring you. We predict that Mrs. Grant is unable to hire you because you are a dog or maybe because you were yelling in the library.

We have some questions while we are reading.

1. If you don't get hired for the library job, will you look for another job?

2. Do have trouble reaching the shelves in the library to get books?

3. Since you like going to the libary, why do you not follow the rules while you are there?

4. How much money have you earned to pay for the window?

We are looking forward to chapter 5. We will be on fall break next week, so we will have to listen to chapter 5 when we return.

Thanks, Woody!

Ms. Logan's 3rd Grade Reading Class

Mindy Logan
3rd Grade Teacher
Simmons Elementary

Great advice friends - especially the part about not yelling in the library! What was I thinking? In answer to your questions, if I don't get the job at the library, I will have to find another job. I have a broken window to pay for. The Dog and Suds Car Wash has an ad for car washer, so if the library doesn't work out, I will apply there! I will keep your advice in mind! Yes, it is very hard to reach the shelves. One time while visiting the library, I stacked lots of books on top of each other to reach a Curious George book. I won't tell you what happened, but if you think my yelling caused commotion, try watching a tower of books fall down with a wiener dog mid air!

It's not that I don't want or try to follow the rules - it's that my excitement gets the best of me! I'm really going to take your advice! So far, I've raised $2.78 so I've got a way to go!

Thanks everyone! Enjoy the last warm day and keep those emails coming!

Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!

Your friend -