Monday, May 25, 2009


Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! We hope you are already enjoying this holiday! We love holidays! Any excuse for grilled hamburgers and homeade ice cream makes us happy!

What a trip last week! We left our Shepherdsville doghouse on Wednesday to drive to our school visits. We were scheduled to be in Hamilton, Ohio on Thursday and then Booneville, KY on Friday. We decided to take the scenic route on our trip to Ohio. Dad actually drove through Madison, Indiana. (At first we thought it was odd that Dad wanted to drive through Indiana to get to Ohio, but like the holiday theory, any excuse for a scenic drive works for us. It really wasn't out of the way!) Anyway, when we got to Madison, Indiana, the entire downtown was blocked off. The Madison, Indiana Courthouse was on fire. The building was 154 years old! We have heard that the city will rebuild the courthouse. Thankfully, there were only two minor injuries! A great big thanks to firefighters for all the work they do!

Well, we made it Lincoln Elementary in Hamilton, Ohio. What a cool place! The school openened in 1909. The building was still gorgeous to be 100 years old! It could have been called Dachshund Elementary! There were so many teachers and students who owned wiener dogs. We felt right at home! Like Monroe Elementary, nobody laughed or made fun of my heavily accented, Kentucky bark!

We left Hamilton, Ohio to drive to Booneville, KY. We were headed up the mountains on Highway 52. The Woody Bus just rolled over 100,000 miles!!! We cheered for the Woody Bus! That's a lot of miles! About ten minutes later, we heard a noise - then the Woody Bus wouldn't go any further! Dad said the transmission went out. In wiener dog terms - the Woody Bus broke!

I'll try to make this very long story short! We were stuck on the road for a couple of hours,but 14 cars stopped to help us. One family called a tow truck (our cell phones didn't have service), stayed with us, and even helped the tow truck get to the garage. We made it to the garage about 11:00 that night. We couldn't rent a car since it was so late, so we had to reschedule our school. We were so disappointed!!! Thankfully, the school rescheduled for Tuesday! Another reason to say Hip Hip Hooray!

We spent the night at Conrad's Garage. Mr. Conrad gave us a van to drive home. We said goodbye to the Woody Bus and came home late Friday night. Mr. Conrad ordered a new transmission for the Woody Bus. He will hopefully fix the bus while we are at our school visit on Tuesday. So today, we will drive the van back to Conrad's Garage in Estill County, spend the night in our trusted friend, then drive to Owsley County Elementary for a school visit on Tuesday. While we are having a great time at the school, Mr. Conrad will be working on the Woody Bus. Hopefully, the Woody Bus will get a clean bill or health and be discharged from the hospital on Tuesday afternoon so we can bring it back home with us Tuesday evening!

A great big thanks to everyone in Estill County who helped us through that ordeal!!! Mom took a picture of Dad early Friday morning. He was outside the Woody Bus waiting for the garage to open. The last photo is of Frannie, Nat the Bear, and me hanging out Friday afternoon waiting for Mr. Conrad to get us the rental van.

In addition to everyone in Estill County who took care of us, a great big thanks to Owsley County Elementary for being so understanding! And a great big thanks to our friend Cleo and her mom. After we had a tire blow up several months ago, Ms. Diane fixed us an Emergency Roadside Assistance Bag filled with snacks and treats in case we are ever stuck on the side of the road and can't get food! Isn't that great! So, we were without wheels, but not without snacks!!! We sure hope today's trip is well, boring, compared to last week!

Our family hopes you and your family enjoy Memorial Day! Make sure you pause to give thanks for all the men and women who sacrificed their lives for our freedom! We live in the greatest country on the planet!

Have a great day! Be sure to keep up with our family on Mom's facebook page and my facebook fan page under Dogwoody "Woody" Furr! Enjoy! Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!