Sunday, July 06, 2008

Cleo and her Wagon

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! Chloe and I are constantly saying that we have the best job in the entire world! How could we not like traveling around in the Woody Bus with our family and seeing new places? But, the very best part is meeting new people! Just this past week, we crossed paths with Cleo.

Remember when I told you that I had seen Dr. Campbell about the pesky bean in my nose? Well, after our visit, Dr. Campbell told me about another little dachshund he cares for in his practice. This little wiener dog's name is Cleo. Unfortunately, Cleo had a much more serious problem than something in her snoot; she was suffering from a heart problem. Cleo's vet in Indiana, Dr. Susan, noticed Cleo's heart problem and thought Cleo should see a specialist, so she sent her to Dr. Campbell in Louisville. In fact, her heart stopped beating one time, but Dr. Campbell and the great staff at Metro Vet Specialists worked and worked to get Cleo's heart beating again. Of course everyone wanted Cleo to live, but she had a special reason for living. You see, like us, Cleo has a job.

Cleo lives in Evansville, Indiana and her mom takes her into several nursing home and assisted living facilities (a place where older people who may need a little help live). Cleo goes in and cheers up the residents, listens to their stories, gives them hugs, and brightens their day. When Cleo was sick, all her friends missed seeing her and even sent Cleo get well cards. Well, Cleo did get well! In fact, not only did Cleo get well, but she returned to work. Dr. Campbell gave Cleo permission to visit her friends again, but told her to take it easy. Obeying Dr. Campbell's orders, her mom bought her a wagon. Now, Cleo goes into the nursing homes and assisted living facilities riding in her very own wagon with her name on the side! Talk about traveling first class! I guess if you are going to have a nice set of wheels, you need cool outfits too. So, Cleo always dresses the part!

I put a few photos for you to see. I couldn't put them all. (Cleo has more outfits than our entire family put together!) Chloe and I picked out a few favorite photos to show you - like the one in her rabbit ears. The second photo is of Cleo dressed as Minnie Pearl. (In case you don't know who Minnie Pearl is, she was on this funny show called Hee Haw - the name is funny all by itself! Minnie Pearl wore a hat that had a price tag hanging down. She would say, "HOW-DEE!") The last picture is of Cleo and Dr. Campbell. I promise to put lots more on the blog in the next few days! Chloe and I have laughed at all the funny outfits Cleo wears! We can't wait for you to see them too - especially the one with Cleo in her bonnet! And, the best part is that we are planning on meeting Cleo within the next few weeks! I can't wait to see what she is wearing!

Hopefully, you can meet Cleo too. If you do, please do me a favor and don't mention her being sick. She doesn't know she is sick. She thinks she is a young healthy pup, and we don't want to tell her otherwise. I'm not a doctor but I think I might know why Cleo has a heart problem. I think it is because her heart is so very big and is made of pure gold! I may mention that to Dr. Campbell the next time he checks out my snout. I know he is a smart man, but he might not have thought about that. I'll confer with him. (I am already starting to sound like a doctor!)

Chloe is looking through some fashion magazines to find a new outfit for Cleo. She is reading Lad & Lassie now! I think I will go help her!

Have a great day! Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!