Sunday, February 10, 2008

I'm Back! Arff!

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! I know you think Chloe and I must have walked to China or something. We are usually so faithful about writing in our blog, but lately we have been behind. We have had the busiest schedule. We have been in so many schools, are getting ready for our new book to come out in a few weeks, writing a brand new story for the fall, the list goes on and on. Speaking of lists, I feel like Santa Claus. I am constantly looking at my "To Do" list and checking it twice! I promise I am going to get caught up soon!

Anyway, this past week we were at T.C. Cherry in Bowling Green, KY. I thought I would post a few pictures. It was a perfect day!

Keep checking back. I promise I am going to put some photos here from the neat schools we have been in the past few weeks!

Better run. My lists says it is now dinner time! My favorite part of the day!

Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!