Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bath County!

Hey WoodyWatchers! You can tell it's summertime as I have been a lazy dog when it comes to writing in my diary. We love going to work, but we have enjoyed our summer schedule too. My flip-flops are worn out from all the playing we have done outside! It will soon be time to trade in the flip-flops for our school shoes!

Last week, we spent an evening in Bath County, KY. As it always is before we go to Bath County, Mom insists we actually TAKE a bath. So, Chloe and I, along with our rubber duckie, took a bath, combed our hair, and traveled to Bath County. It is always a treat to see our good friends in Owingsville.

I hear the ice cream truck coming down our street, so I will sign off for now. Dad said since we had already completed our chores, we could buy an ice-cold cherry PUP-scicle! YUMMY!

Have a great day! Wear your sunscreen and WORK and DREAM LIKE A BIG DOG!