Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Happy September!

Hey WoodyWatchers! Hope all my friends are in the beginning of a super September! We love the fall. Chloe and I love playing in the leaves, feeling the cooler weather, and watching football! Our favorite part of fall is definitely being back in school! We love school!

A few weeks ago we were at Millcreek Elementary in Lexington! We made all kinds of new friends! We met one pretty young lady named Carly. She has kept in touch with us on email. Today, Mommy went to the post office and came home with a surprise. Chloe and I couldn't wait to tear into the envelope. We were so happy to see it was from our friend Carly. She had colored us five pictures and had written us the sweetest letter. We jumped for joy! We loved all the pictures, but I picked out my favorite one and Chloe took my picture with it. Isn't it great??? Chloe and I think Carly is a great artist!

I better go. It is already early evening and it will be bedtime before I turn around!

Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!