Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Snowstorm in March!

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! Once again I have to apologize for not writing in my journal sooner. Where does the time go? As usual, our family has been busy with lots of exciting events.

Last week our family spent four days at Kentucky Crafted: The Market. It is one of our most favorite events of the year. We see our old friends and make new ones too. (I always say that, but making new friends is my favorite part of being the Kentucky Wiener Dog! That, and eating, of course!) This year we had a great big surprise at Kentucky Crafted! We had a snowstorm! It wasn't just a little snow, but a good old fashioned snowstorm. It started snowing on Friday night and the flakes kept falling! It snowed so hard that it even thundered! On Saturday morning, Dad said it had snowed almost 12 inches. Dad had to shovel off a spot in our grass so Chloe and I could go outside. If he hadn't done that, the snow would have covered our body! It was the most snow I had ever seen! (The second picture is one Mom took on Saturday morning while we were driving to Crafted. Dad drove extra slow to keep us safe!)

The first picture is of Lynne, my Chief of Staff. I was obviously taking a break from my busy day. Lynne handles all our office work - and she has the perfect lap to sleep in when I need to catch up on my rest!

The last photo is of Mom, Kendall, and me. Kendall's dad is Mr. Keeling, with LG&E. The LG&E-E.ON Company sponsors our newspaper stories. We had met Mr. Keeling lots of times and heard all about Kendall, but had never met her. There I go again, talking about how much I love meeting new friends! Thankfully since Mr. Keeling sponsors our stories, I wasn't sleeping when he came to our booth! I was working!

Chloe missed Kentucky Crafted. She actually used a few vacation days. As you know, Chloe has really bad allergies. She has to take allergy shots every three days. (She never complains. She acts like the needle doesn't even hurt.) Anyway, because of the soaps and smells and all kinds of things at the show, Mom decided Chloe should hang out in the Woody Bus. Everyone missed her, but Chloe didn't miss the sneezing and scratching she would have done had she been there!

Whew! I still have so much to tell you but I better stop for now. Mom says Chloe and I have to take baths tonight. That is not one of my favorite activities, but Mom said I didn't have a choice. So, I have to find my rubber duckie, a nice clean pair of jammies, and four socks! I promise to write again soon!

Have a great night! Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!