Monday, December 11, 2006

Eastern Kentucky TAILS

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! Mom, Dad, Chloe and I are at our doghouse in Shepherdsville catching up on emails, cat naps, and laundry! Last week was so busy for us! We left home on Monday evening for five days in the Eastern part of our state!

We began our week at South Elementary in Corbin. When most people think of Corbin, they think of Colonel Sanders. Everyone knows he has delicious, paw-licking good chicken. We learned there was more to Corbin than just Colonel Sanders. They have great students, teachers, and principals in Corbin! Ms. Lisa Hill invited us to South and we had a great day! In fact, the first two photos are from South. The very first photo is of Chloe and me with the principal, Mr. Jones. He was a nice man. He didn't even make me stay after school for detention when I had the accident in the library. Whoops! The second photo is of Kevin and his wiener dog, Twix! Chloe and I wanted to run around the gym with Twix, but we didn't have time. That would have been fun!

We left Corbin and spent Wednesday in London (Kentucky, NOT England)! The folks at Colony were so friendly to the four of us. Just so you know, I minded my manners and did NOT have an accident that day!

As the week went on, the weather got colder. In fact, there was even snow on the ground. Chloe and I wanted to build a snowman, but Dad said there wasn't enough. Oh well, it was pretty to see!

Thursday we surprised our friends at Horse Creek in Manchester, before going to bed early and getting up even earlier Friday for an interview on WYMT. After a book signing in Pikeville on Friday (third photo) and one at Cumberland Falls on Saturday, we headed back to Shepherdsville. We were happy to see our brothers and sisters back at home, but already miss the new friends we made last week!

I better say goodnight. Chloe is already crawling in the bed, choosing a favorite bedtime story. I am going to try to talk Mom into ONE more bedtime snack. It will be hours before breakfast, and I don't think my tummy can wait that long.

Goodnight, sweet dreams, and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!